Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How to speak trench

Shirt, skinny jeans, and trench coat from H&M, Aviator sunglasses from Aldo, and thrifted Oxfords.

I could say that I am an expert at these obligatory blog-introduction posts since every couple months, I find myself stepping back into the waters of the blogging world. For an individual who's free time is spent on reading and getting inspired by other people's blogs, I find it only fitting that I should continue on this course that I've set out for myself numerous times over. So here I am, for the millionth time, reintroducing myself, Reno Monae of the blog, Reno Monae (I know that sounds a little redundant, but I'm going to go with it).
For those living in the vicinity of Hamilton and the GTA, would undoubtedly agree that today's weather was extremely phenomenal. A staggering sixteen degrees matched with the gorgeous sun and easy breeze, it could not have been a better day - in my case at least. I spent the day with my twin sister: first starting off the morning with some coffee at Starbucks, window shopped at Petsmart for my new Dachshund puppy, followed up with lunch at Ikea, and finally made our way to spend some of my take-home cash tips at H&M (hello new pair of boots). Day off from work, amazing weather, day spent with my sister whom I never get to see because I'm such a workaholic, a new blogpost, and a whole lot of Starbucks & Instagram pictures in between, definitely makes for a great day.

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