Sunday, 27 May 2012

Drippin Swagoo

Two beautiful days, spent with beautiful people. Thank you to each and everyone of you whom I got to share my special day with and to everyone who took their time to greet and wish me a Happy Birthday. Times like these make me realize how blessed I am. As I step out of the teenage chapter of my life and leap onto the stage of adulthood, I reflect on how far I've come and how I've changed. There's been many up and downs along the road, but I refuse to let go of all those things in the past that have shaped who I am now. I am so grateful for everything I've experience up until now and each person who has graced and remained in my life. I will continue to take each obstacle, hardship, and blessing and be thankful for everyone of them. Cheers, to the next 20! Now pass that Sangria.

Two point oh


I find myself always coming back to blogging after quite long intervals. Truth be told - I've really kept myself busy with work, work, and more work. However, the rewards have been great so far. I've had almost the week off of work, unwinding and dining and a whole lot of shopping in between. Here's the scoop on what's been going on with me for the past month and a half:

• I have finally managed to budget my money and really save those last couple paycheques. I've learned to become more frugal and to always think twice before swiping that debit card of mine. I have achieved my goal of sustaining more than $1.5k in my account. It may not be a lot right now but it sure is a great start. Although, my birthday was an exception and I will have to make up for it next week • My closest friends and I celebrated my twentieth birthday on Thursday (and Friday), cause you know, one day is really not enough celebration time. A more detailed post is to follow with pictures and such • I've bought myself a new camera! It is a Canon EOS 50D and was sold to me by one of my best friends, Marciane! Thanks again so much for my new baby. I will still hold onto my first baby SLR, my Olympus E410, but I am going to revive my love for photography with this new camera • Another great accomplishment since I've last updated was weight loss. Believe it or not, but I've lost 20 lbs. since the beginning of this month and I didn't even notice! Cutting out rice, consuming a lot of protein, fruits and vegetables, running and doing stairs workouts, and drinking gallons upon gallons of lemon water (just like Sasha Fierce) really changed my whole persona and helped out with losing weight.

Other than that, things have been going mighty well for myself. Really can't complain. More posts to follow. Seriously.